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Our vision is to bring Singapore a refined, yet modern, Pastry Shop. Showcasing the combination of modern French style pastries along with Italian flavors and local influences.

We make everything (yes, everything!) by hand with the best possible ingredients, to create the honest, soulful, delectable pastries that you can find in our open pastry kitchen.

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Shelf life

All of our cakes are freshly made daily. We source and use the finest quality ingredients excluding any kind of preservatives, additives and stabilisers from our recipes.

ÁTIPICO cakes are best enjoyed within 2 days from delivery or collection. However, we do recommend to visually check your cake before consumption as shelf life may vary depending on individual storage conditions (e.g. temperature, moisture, etc.).


All cakes are recommended to be kept refrigerated the sooner after reception/collection.
We recommend to remove from the refrigerator 20 minutes before the tasting.

The Finest Ingredients

A delicious cake is made from wholesome good quality ingredients…and plenty of love.
Our raw materials are selected with great care. Our ethically cage free farmed eggs are freshly delivered weekly from The butter we use is French; the hazelnuts and pistachio paste Italian; the vanilla fresh from Tahiti and Madagascar.
We recommend looking at the description of the cake you intend to buy to find out more about possible allergens (e.g. nuts, dairy, gluten), however, as all the products are manufactured in the same kitchen some trace of allergens might be found in your cake. ÁTIPICO guarantees that only fish gelatine is used in the making of the cakes.



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