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The idea of the project goes back more than five years, when, fascinated by the idea of meeting new people around the dinner table, Matteo organized a Supper Club with two friends. The Supper Club became a regular favourite among his extended network, sharing its table with more than three hundred different guests.  


In June 2014 ATIPICO Personal Chef was established to turn this passion into a profession, to pursue this dream of cooking, hosting & sharing. ATIPICO specialises in private chef services for events of a different nature that require a customized and memorable experience. We work with both corporate and private clients, on gatherings of various sizes taking place at any venue. ATIPICO can also provide a fully comprehensive service for managing your whole event.

In September 2018 we opened  ATIPICO Atelier a natural light filled space pushing the boundaries of design to offer yet another level of new experiences across the Singapore community. This is meant to be a unique, warm and welcoming environment where we offer daily baked bread and extraordinary cakes.



We would like to be remembered as fresh and unlike any other, in terms of what we offer and the way we approach food. We at ATIPICO pride ourselves on the food that we offer. Our food is wholly handcrafted, unique and of excellent quality. Details make the difference for us. We use high quality ingredients, selected in season and prepared using techniques that enhance natural flavours to become addictive tastes. We believe in the artistry of seductive presentation to enhance our flavors. Eating is a sensuous experience and to be a truly sensory delight it must fire up all our senses.