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A Structural Engineer and Architect by training, Matteo has lived in Italy, France and Singapore. Besides his studies and career, for years, Matteo has been cooking, hosting and sharing his table with friends and acquaintances until deciding to follow his dreams and turn his passion into his career. 


For Matteo, a meal evokes the values he learned as a child around the big family table in Italy: the love for nature and for people, for those simple gestures which have the power of making us feel accomplished. There are many memories in his food. Memories are the starting point of his cuisine, should it be remembering a dish, a cooking technique, a flavour or just a product. His dishes are rooted in the Italian and French traditions but speak of the fusion of cultures, being influenced by exotic ingredients and diverse cooking techniques. Matteo believes when you cook you are telling your story: the story of your life, of the places you have lived in, of the people you have met all along the way. If memories are the starting point of his food, craftsmanship is the core of his approach. To him, the hands are the most important tool a cook has, to transform and enhance a product, to create. He approaches food with curiosity using techniques to enhance flavours and aim for perfection. 


He says “Cooking is closer to architecture than we could think; each is just a different application of artistic skill and scientific knowledge, all starting from your experience of the world.”


Helene Dano is a French Pastry Chef who started her career at the famous Ritz Hotel in Paris.


After seconding renowned Chefs such as Michel Roth, Claire Heitzler and Fabrice Le Bourdat, she decided to go ahead and became the Head Pastry Chef of Sift Desserts in Hong Kong for 4 years.


She is now working  in Singapore with Chef Matteo Pertoldi, bringing the best of diverse cultures and rich experiences for your greatest pleasure.


Chong Kae Hing started cooking at his age of 14 in Ipoh, Malaysia in a Chinese Restaurant. 

Two years later, he came to Singapore to continue his journey as a Chef and learn more about Chinese cuisine.
Naturally, his passion bring him to western&fusion cooking.

He worked as a Demi Chef for the famous Retaurant Kilo for 2 years. Now, with Chef Matteo, he is looking to learn more about western cuisine to become an amazing and ATIPICO Chef.


Interactive cooking tutorials. Chef Matteo will cook and prepare a 4 course meal for you to enjoy, while you get involved with different elements of preparation, cooking and plating

Courses will .be served as they are cooked so you have the opportunity to enjoy a meal and a glass of wine at the same time as learning about his cooking techniques. 


JAM FRAMBOISES PEPIN                                                                15SGD

raspberry, sugar, lemon juice, pectin

JAM EXOTIC                                                                                            15SGD

mango, passion fruit, vanilla, lime, sugar, pectin

SPREAD CHOCO + HAZELNUT                                       20SGD

dark chocolate, gianduja, hazelnut praline, evaporated milk,

glucose, sunflower oil

GRANOLA CHOCO BITS                                                 15SGD

hazelnuts, almonds, oats, pecan nuts, sunflower seeds, 70%

dark chocolate, fleur de sel, brown sugar, honey, peanut oil, vanilla

GRANOLA TRADITIONAL                                                15SGD

hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, oats, chia seeds,  

sunflower seeds, coconut, fleur de sel, brown sugar, honey,

coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon

GRANOLA SINGAPORE                                                   15SGD 

almonds, oats, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts,

coconut powder and flakes, fleur de sel, gula melaka sugar,

coconut oil, honey, candied ginger    


BREAD CRUMBS WHITE                                                  10SGD 

whole wheat flour, white flour, salt, water, yeast     

BREAD CRUMBS YELLOW                                               10SGD 

white flour, turmeric, salt, water, yeast , pumpkin seeds   

BREAD CRUMBS DARK                                                    10SGD 

white flour, whole wheat flour,  salt, water, yeast , flax,

black sesame, oats, sunflower seeds