Chocolate rocks! 

Whether you’re attending an office party or an intimate gathering of close friends, this special dessert would be a lovely option. 

Indulge your senses starting with a crunchy salty shaving of dark chocolate while digging a spoon in a deliciously smooth ganache on an exquisite tender hazelnut daquoise. 

This cake is comprised of multiple layers. Don’t miss the soft milk chocolate chantilly cream which tops the beautiful creation!



Dacquoise hazelnut (almond), Crunchy Praline, Dark chocolate ganache, Milk chocolate chantilly cream, Salty chocolate shavings

Rock n' Roll

SKU: RR123
  • S size is for 6 - 8 persons Ø 16cm

    M size is for 10 - 12 persons Ø 20cm

    L size is for 16 -18 persons Ø 24cm