This is a stunning dessert, gracefully rich for a special occasion.

Combination of flavours that come together to create perfection.

Discover the elegance of raspberries that have been wisely partnered with mascarpone pistachio pastry cream on a bed of crispy, flaky crust.

The layer of raspberry jam provides a gently tangy contrast to the cream.

Fresh sliced raspberries and the chopped pistachio top the cake giving it a sparkling twist.

Our French Kiss is a wonderfully delicate dessert!



Mascarpone pistachio cream, Raspberry, Almond cream, Fresh Raspberry, pistachio nuts

French Kiss

  • S size is for 5 - 7 persons Ø 16cm

    M size is for 9 - 12 persons Ø 20cm

    L size is for 14 -16 persons Ø 24cm