Berries Tart

Berries Tart


A Berry Tart has the perfect contrast of sweet berries, smooth velvety cream and flaky crust that gets me every time.

French fruit tarts are popular in Morocco. In this recipe, whole or whole assorted berries are arranged on a layer of creme patisserie in a baked sweet pastry shell.


The Berry Tart is more than a seasonal dessert. In people’s mind, it is deeply linked to spring - summer but also to family gatherings and garden parties on a hot summer afternoon. There is something festive in this beautiful dessert to share with friends and family: it’s generous, sweet, healthy and delicious! As a child, a teenager, or an adult you will never get tired of it.




Tart, Fresh Berries


    S size is for 4 - 6 persons Ø 16cm

    M size is for 8 - 10 persons Ø 20cm

    L size is for 11 -14 persons Ø 24cm



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    Pre - order of the Cake is needed at least 24hrs before collection or delivery