About the ATELIER

ATIPICO ATELIER is our HOME, a space where we work, we laugh, we produce bread, cakes, ice creams, bomboloni, granolas and much more, where we create exclusive and fine packaging, where we study new ATIPICO KITS to send to your home, a where we work for and with our clients to provide beautiful creations, hampers, where we organise all the logistic of your event to make it more than perfect, to make it special. It is a place where you can come for brunch (book in advance!) or for dinner (we reserve the entire place for you only and we define a Menu based on your personal taste) or just for a coffee (a good one!). It's a place where you can come over for tastings or you can just come and see what we are doing, be prepared!


"start your ATIPICO experience now"

From the street you can look straight into our kitchen.

The concept is that you can follow the process all the way:

From when the initial ingredients are kneaded together - the dough that is rolled out - the cream is whipped - chocolate tempered and the last details that means everything.

ATIPICO ATELIER is not a shop, nor is it a factory.

It is a celebration of creation.

We want you to understand the "process behind", we want you to take time and enjoy. Every. Single. Bite.  

1 West Coast Drive #01-82
128020 Singapore
(NeWest Mall - AYE Side)
     Tel      +65 8616 1968          
Email    info@atipico.sg
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11am - 5pm everyday except Sundays