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When I moved to Singapore in 2010, I very quickly felt at home... but I missed the "BREAD". That was the catalyst for this adventure, ATIPICO Atelier's Bread.

After hundreds of testings we have achieved our goal: A complex flavour which develops as you chew: the subtle sourness, the texture silky and light and the beautifully crunchy crust full of flavour and bite. 


All of our breads at ATIPICO share a common principle

A long fermentation with little or no yeast at all.


We are happy to provide next-day delivery for orders before 3pm today. Customized cakes are also available

For any additional info feel free to contact us at

+65 8616 1968 or 



A fresh-baked loaf of bread is one of life's great pleasures and the perfect balance between a crisp and crackly crust and the open and airy interior is pure magic. This balance is fleeting though. 

You should beware of breads that stay soft and moist for days as for sure they contain some kind of chemical trickery that slows down staling.

At ATIPICO we believe in real bread made of flour, water, salt, yeast…and nothing else.

Real bread starts to stale, though, as soon as it cools, and Singapore weather does nothing to slow down this process.

Below are some simple tricks to keep your bread fresh and at its best longer:

  1. Keep the loaf unsliced, wrapped in paper or in a cotton towel/bag so that the bread can breathe.

  2. Pre-slicing, wrapping in plastic or storing bread in the fridge are a no-no.

  3. If you have the time, you shall always aim for that fresh-out-the-oven experience” simply by re-baking your loaf or the part you intend to consume. For a whole loaf, spray it with water and place it in an oven at 200 degrees. Precut loaves [a quarter, an half or a slice] shall go in the oven sprayed with water and wrapped in aluminum foil; foil shall be opened towards the end of the process to get the crust crispy. What you aim for is to have the piece boiling hot in the center and it may take something between 10 to 40minutes, based on the size of your piece. Your bread will bounce back to its original crispiness and fragrance!

  4. If you want to freeze the whole loaf, a half, a quarter or in slices do it immediately. At the time of consumption, for a 'just baked bread' result you should take the bread out in advance and leave it to thaw before following again the procedure mentioned above. When in a rush, thawing is not compulsory. 

  5. Remember to use a proper bread knife to slice it. You can buy it from us if you need one!


PS When resuscitation fails, there Is always panzanella, croutons, and bread pudding!