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Our signature ‘Amalfi Baba’’ is an epicurean masterpiece that begins with exotic notes wrapped in a weightless dotted cream.

It is a yeasted, brioche-like pastry, swimming in a sweet syrup, pretty garnished with a light vanilla mascarpone chantilly cream.


In Italy, these deliciously spongy, syrupy cakes are always associated with Naples, although their origins involve a journey from Poland to France (infact the name means “old woman" or "grandmother" in the Slavic languages), where they were perfected, before arriving in the southern Italian port city.


Adopted by Neapolitans in the nineteenth century, they quickly became a specialty that is still a favourite today and we are presenting with a modern sensibility and a touch of whimsical magic. 



Flour, Honey, Lemon Zest, Yeast, Eggs, Butter, Vanilla powder, Exotic syrup, Vanilla Mascarpone cream


6-8 pax

Ø 16 cm - 6.5"

38 SGD 


10-12 pax

Ø 20 cm - 8" 

62 SGD 


16-18 pax

Ø 24 cm - 9.5" 

85 SGD